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DEP vs EPCC - Which should you go for?

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Printed Date: 27 May 2024 at 4:12am

Topic: DEP vs EPCC - Which should you go for?
Posted By: Lemurface
Subject: DEP vs EPCC - Which should you go for?
Date Posted: 04 Feb 2017 at 1:23pm
Hello EP forum! I wanted to write a post clarifying the differences/benefits between DEP and EPCC to new and old users, since I was wondering the same thing when I started.

For reference, here are the full posts explaining" rel="nofollow - DEP and" rel="nofollow - EPCC .

In short:
- DEP pays 0.02 PED every day.
- DEP are sold periodically at a base price of 10 PED, but they can be bought at any time from other users. Currently they go for about 63.75 or 64 PED rounded up. 
- EPCC pays 0.01 PED every 28 days. (15th of every month)
- EPCC can be bought at any time for 1 PED.

I don't know how many or often more DEP become available for 10 PED, nor do I know how they appear for sale. (I assume they will appear in the P2P market.)
So the most likely way you'll get DEP is through other players at a much higher price.

The first time you read it, it will seem like DEP is the obvious choice. And it absolutely would be if you can manage to get DEP at 10 PED! (Have you noticed DEP is PED backwards?)

So! Here's some simple math:
║ DEP  cost    pay/day          ║
║      64.00   0.02             ║
║ EPCC cost    pay/day          ║
║       1.00   0.00035..        ║
║      64.00   0.02285..        ║
║ 64*(0.01/28) = 0.0228571429   ║
║ │   │    │     └─ PED per day ║
║ │   │    └─ days              ║
║ │   └─ pay                    ║
║ └─ units                      ║

As you can see, buying 64 PED's worth of EPCC will give you more PED per day than if you were to buy one DEP of equal (current) price.

Buying DEP will only give you more PED per day when its price is lower than 56 PED. Although at 56 PED they both pay exactly the same amount per day, so I would still choose DEP at that point.

In conclusion, if you have patience (and you should, if you are using EP) you should only buy EPCC to gain higher returns every month.

But also remember, that DEP has a fluctuating price and you may be able to sell them out for more than what you paid for. you can only sell EPCC back at the same price you bought them for.

-- Bonus --
To earn about as much PED as you'd get from listening to music, you'd need between 2016-2688 PED's worth of EPCC.
At this point you'll earn 0.01 PED every 15-20 minutes, or 20.16-26.88 PED per month from EPCC.
However, even if you made 20 PED every month from music/surveys and bought as much EPCC every month as you could (no withdraw!), it would take you 6 full years to reach over 2000 EPCC. Hug

Posted By: Barnesy
Date Posted: 05 Feb 2017 at 12:18am
I think only 2500 DEP were released, and while it may be possible that tia might release more in the far future, tia has said that for the foreseeable future, which tia is looking at years, not months.

Meanwhile, we currently have an unlimited amount of EPCC, released in a small batch each month.

I did a comparison between the EPCC and DEPs a couple months after EPCC were released, and a loose comparison between the CLDs and AUs available in game, but that was more of food for thought then an actual economic comparison. 

I find it interesting that you brought the comparison to days, i would have done a month and year comparison, since for some months, DEPs pay out more then other months, IE 28 days in feb, good month for your EPCC payouts, months with 31 days, slower EPCC payout. 

but for the others who might want 1 in a monthly and yearly comparison per DEP,

1 DEP (64 Ped) - 0.6 ped per 30 day month - 7.3ped per year 
64 EPCC (64 Ped) - 0.64 per any month - 7.68ped per year

i personally recommend buying EPCC over DEP simple because of the low buy price, if your trying to save your ped until you have enough to buy a DEP, you'll have ped in your bank account thats not doing anything to help you accumulate ped until you have saved enough, if your investing all your ped into EPCC, you'll have as much invested as possible every month.

Not to mention with the higher buy price of DEP means that EPCC is now slightly more profitable. 

As for the buy rate, its not really gonna fluctuate cause we dont have a market to effect its payments, you put x ped in, you get 2 ped daily. The price of the DEP might slowly change as people who have a lot of DEP may be buying up those on the market, but its not gonna go up 2 more ped this week, and have dropped 10 ped by the next month. 

IDK about ingame AUD, but i imagine that if the prices are paying at poorly, the price might drop a couple ped over time, and if they're paying well, id expect the price to start rising again, not alot, might move in a circle of 10 ped, but you can work with that

"It'll be fun" they said! But now, i have no Ped :(

EP goals:
Have lots of EPCC:
Got : None, They took em all man, they took em all!!!

Thanks for the great site Tia!!!

Posted By: Tia
Date Posted: 05 Feb 2017 at 7:40am

2 500 (not 25 000) DEPs were released. Some were bought back. There won't be any further release.

EPCC might see some makeovers in near future.

-------------" rel="nofollow - Follow my not-so-active Entropia Avatar on facebook

Posted By: Barnesy
Date Posted: 05 Feb 2017 at 10:46am
Thanks for the correction tia

Any hints to the make over or is it like Top secret stuff?

"It'll be fun" they said! But now, i have no Ped :(

EP goals:
Have lots of EPCC:
Got : None, They took em all man, they took em all!!!

Thanks for the great site Tia!!!

Posted By: Lemurface
Date Posted: 05 Feb 2017 at 3:40pm
"I find it interesting that you brought the comparison to days..."

Yes, after a good night's sleep I realized that "duh, the 15th isn't exactly every 4 weeks." But still, even without checking I don't think the extra 2-3 days every month would skew the numbers very significantly.

And when I mentioned the fluctuating price for DEP, I was definitely not talking about it changing every day or even month. The fluctuation is spread across several months or years and you would need a bunch of DEP to make a worthwhile profit from selling them.

Posted By: Barnesy
Date Posted: 06 Feb 2017 at 6:20am
As i read it, you'd stated the potential price fluctuations was a benefit over the EPCC which is why i brought the AUD up as a comparison. I wouldnt say that DEP haveing a personally set buy price as a benefit, as there is no market to influence that buying price, the price of DEPs are only gonna increase in a semi-linear fashion, in the last year DEPs have iccured about a 3-4 PED increase as people are slowly raising. For comparison the AUD prices would look more like a sin wave when graphed, and you could work that buy and sell price, even if its only a ped or 2.

I dont really think the price changes should be a thing thats considered when buying DEP, over the next year, i can see DEP reaching maybe 65ped but thats about it, trading was a useable feature in the situation near release ( at 10ped per dep) but now it only servers as a way to buy and sell, not to trade regularly. Not really a deciding factor overall.

"It'll be fun" they said! But now, i have no Ped :(

EP goals:
Have lots of EPCC:
Got : None, They took em all man, they took em all!!!

Thanks for the great site Tia!!!

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