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Inspiring Painter Tip

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Topic: Inspiring Painter Tip
Posted By: Zanzibarjones
Subject: Inspiring Painter Tip
Date Posted: 01 Feb 2015 at 3:55am
Well I do not know if anyone has ever thought about becoming a painter inside of EU, but if you have, here is a little tip I figured out a while ago, that will save you a ton of money.

There are a couple ways to paint and gain experience:

1) Buy a piece of clothing, paint, bleach and repeat. But you have to buy a bleaching add on, which is more ped, and it degrades, meaning you will have to either repair or buy another at some point.

2) Paint things for people in the color they want, but while you are learning, you are stuck to the paints or lower of your level

3) You can do it the Hector way. Instead of buying a bleaching add on to remove the paint just go to any Technician in the pods and buy Limited Books. They are customizable. They only cost 1 PED. They do not degrade at all. You buy a bunch to run your paint. Initially you have to pay for each one out of pocket, but the good thing you do not have to bleach them and you just sell them back to the technician when you have painted them, getting your 1 PED back. Then you just buy a fresh batch when you are ready to paint again. :)


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